What material is the forest fireproof clothing made of?

- Apr 11, 2020-

The forest fireproof clothing is made of composite material of flame retardant fiber fabric and vacuum aluminum plating film. It does not contain asbestos. It has light weight, high strength, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, waterproof, wear resistance, folding resistance, right The advantages of harmless human body, etc., can effectively ensure that firefighters and workers in high-temperature places are close to the heat source without being burned by extreme heat, flames, or steam.

forest fireproof clothing

Fireproof clothing is composed of multiple layers of fabrics such as outer layer, heat insulation layer and comfort layer. The material of this combined part can be made into single layer or multiple layers. The outer layer of the heat-insulating clothing should use the surface material of metal aluminum foil with reflected radiant heat, and can meet the basic garment production process requirements and the performance requirements of the corresponding standard of auxiliary materials.

Fire-retardant clothing needs flame-retardant fabric covered with aluminum foil. There are two main types of flame-retardant fabric: cotton flame-retardant twill card and a C / N cotton-nylon flame-retardant cloth. After covering with aluminum foil, it has good resistance. The flammability, the outer aluminum foil layer can also play a good role in heat radiation.