What is resistant to cutting knitted protective fabric?

- Aug 14, 2017-

According to the theory of fiber strengthening and the principle of reinforcement of knitted fabric, the use of high strength fiber composite high toughness stainless steel wire of the toughness of yarn, the production of various types of toughness resistant cutting series of fabric products, and in line with cutting fabric cut and cut Standard, fabric cutting resistance index of more than 30 times the general cotton fabric, in line with Allied-Signal Beta Tec. Test method, chop cut strength of more than 400 times, more than 4000 times the sliding strength.

General resistant to cutting knitted protective fabric raw materials are: stainless steel fiber yarn, aramid 1313 and aramid 1313 + aramid 1414, DuPont Kevlar fiber, cotton / polyester and other woven from.

The products are suitable for processing, construction, civil engineering, civil engineering, agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, military and other industries, mountaineering tourism or home life. Security.

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