What is aramid insulation paper

- Aug 03, 2018-

Aramid insulation paper belongs to aramid composite materials. There are two main types, one is meta-aramid insulation paper, names aramid 1313 in China; the other is para-aramid insulation paper, names aramid 1414 in China.


The chemical structure of these two items is similar, but the performance differs a lot, and the application fields are different. Aramid 1313 is a kind of high quality functional fiber with its excellent high temperature insulation, while the excellent mechanical properties of Aramid 1414 make it an important core in high performance fiber.


At present, aramid 1313 is the most widely used in many fields. This is a soft, white, slender, fluffy, lustrous fiber that looks the same as ordinary chemical fiber, but has a long-lasting combination of extraordinary "exceptional functions."


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