What are the differences between meta aramid and para aramid

- Nov 10, 2017-

Meta Aramid Properties


1. Fiber with a permanent flame retardancy, not because of washing sun clean effect.

2. Fiber thermal conductivity is low, not easy to ignite, flame does not burst.

3. Fiber self-extinguishing, carbonation, do not drip and melt.

4. Wear and tear resistance, high chemical resistance.

5. Can be 95 ℃ water washing or dry cleaning, oil easy to remove.

6. White color


Para Aramid Properties


1. Permanent heat resistance, limiting oxygen index Loi greater than 28.

2. Permanent anti-static.

3. Permanent acid and alkali and organic solvent erosion.

4. High strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance.

5. No fire drop generated in the fire, does not produce toxic gases.

6. Burning cloth surface thickening, enhanced sealing, not broken.

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