What are the advantages of permanent flame retardant fabrics?

- Jan 12, 2018-

Customers who have purchased flame retardant fabrics before, are all aware that the price for permanent flame retardant fabrics such as Kevlar flame retardant fabrics and acrylic fiber flame retardant fabrics are 1-5 times more than common cotton flame retardant fabrics.  But in fact, the advantages of permanent flame retardant fabric is also very obvious.

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Product characteristics

1. Good security, the fiber does not melt when meets the fire, it will have low smoke, instead of releasing the poisonous gas.

2. Permanent flame-retardant effect. Washing and rubbing will not affect the flame retardant performance.

3. Good environmental performance, this fabric with natural fiber, its waste can be naturally degraded, which is in line with environmental requirements.

4. Excellent permanent fire retardant performance in the prevention of flame spread, smoke release, resistance to melting, durability.

5. Good insulation and anti-static properties. It will provide a full range of thermal protection.

6. With natural fiber characteristics. The fabric has the characteristics of moisture absorption and discharge, soft, comfortable, breathable and bright staining.



Permanent flame retardant fabrics can be widely used in a wide range of applications, such as flame-retardant protection, general clothing such as pajamas, home decoration, carpets, curtains, bedding, household cloth, industrial machinery cloth, military tent fabric, etc.


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