UHMWPE fabric

- Aug 18, 2020-

UHMWPE fabric/felt is made from 100% ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers (UHMWPE).

It has a wide range of applications in the protection industry due to its high specific stiffness, corrosion resistance, light weight, and convenient cutting. 

UHMWPE fabric



High strength to weight ratio, light weight

High abrasion resistance

Excellent puncture or cut resistance

High tensile modulus

Low elongation

UV stable

Good flexibility

Chemically inert except for strong oxidizing acids

Resistant to fatigue & internal friction


Density: 0.97 to 0.98g/cm3, lower than the water Strength: 2.8 to 4N/Tex.

Modulus: 91 to 140N/Tex.

Extension: 3.5% to 3.7%.

melting point :145~160 C


UHMWPE fabric


Stab-resistant garment

Shoe material,Punture Resistant Insole

Cut resistant products

Used as liner fabric for bag, garments

Hunter Cloth / Armor