Type of refractory fiber cloth

- Aug 14, 2017-

There are Silica Refractory Fiber Cloth, , 7678 Refractory Fiber Cloth, 2678 Refractory Fiber Cloth, 8699 Refractory Fiber Cloth, 8692 Refractory Fiber Cloth, Rubber Refractory Fiber Cloth, Cloth Refractory Fiber Cloth, Coated Refractory Fiber Cloth, Decorative Refractory Fiber Cloth, Flame Retardant Refractory Fiber Cloth, Aluminum Foil Refractory Fiber Cloth, Waterproof Refractory fiber cloth and so on. 

There are made of aluminum silicate fiberglass cloth, asbestos cloth made of aluminum foil with temperature 350-1000 degrees. Fire, refractory fiber. Heat radiation. Long-term supply of various specifications of glass fiber cloth, mesh cloth, glass fiber paper, glass fiber fire sewing thread, aluminum foil fiberglass cloth, expanded glass fiber refractory fiber cloth, belt, rope, wick. All kinds of glass fiber belt, glass fiber needle blanket, fiberglass surface felt, fiberglass winding belt, high silicone cloth; colored fiberglass cloth. Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber high temperature fire cotton, plate, tube, sewing felt; high temperature fire paper, playing silk needle blanket. Refractory fiber cloth, belt, rope, brick. Hard firewood. Fire cotton, fire board, fire paper. Fireproof panels; fire shutter, fire bags, fire bags, fire ring, fire blocking materials, fire granular cotton. Silicone rubber fire-resistant fiber cloth, fire-resistant fiber cloth flame retardant fabric. Fire rating: Class A - Noncombustible.

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