TPU Film

- Feb 28, 2018-

TPU is short for the Thermoplastic Polyurethane film, belongs to the hydrophobic hydrophilic film. Because the film itself has no pores, waterproof effect naturally very good, but also make the fabric windproof and warm.

Moisture permeability is mainly done with its hydrophilic characteristics, depending on the internal and external steam pressure differences, transfer the steam from the high pressure place to the low pressure place, so as to achieve the function of moisture permeability.


Product Features:

A. Green environmental

B. Excellent ventilation and moisture permeability

C. Absolute waterproof, blood-proof, antibacterial

D. Windproof and hardy, anti-velvet, smooth

E. Durability, super splash finishing

F. Easy decontamination, overspill finishing

       Scope of application:

       A. Field army uniforms, fire fighting, special clothing for the Army

       B. Protective supplies, military tents, sleeping bags and postal packages

       C. For sports such as mountaineering, skiing, golf, etc.

       D. Shoes and hats materials, bags, blackout curtains, anti-ultraviolet umbrella cloth

       E. Rain-proof, breathable poncho, casual windbreaker

       F. Medical supplies


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