Tip of Aircraft Fire Prevention

- Apr 03, 2018-


Q:  Are all the materials used on the plane fireproof?

A: Fire protection of aircraft cabin is highly valued by civil aviation authorities, a large number of laws and regulations regulate the usage of fire resistant materials in the cabin.

 In the cabin, the trolley, the seat mat, the wall insulation and soundproof material all have used the fireproof material.

    Taking seat cushion as an example, it is mainly composed of decorative seat cover, fire protection layer and foam core. The seat cover is generally made of wool fiber, wool ignition temperature of 570-600 ℃, burning calorific value is low, has a certain flame-retardant function. The fire protection layer is made from para aramid (1414), which is a fire resistant fabric. And the foam core is made from soft polyurethane foam.


     The FAA stipulate to evaluate the flammability and weightlessness of aircraft seat mats in high strength and open flames by seat pad combustion test. They require that the test with at least two-thirds of the total number of the trials be burnt should not be greater than 43.2 cm, and the average char length must not be greater than 43.2 cm, and the average weight loss percentage shall not be greater than 10%.

    We have some items are specially developed for fire retardant seat covers, please find below pictures, they are made from fire retardant wool, and they are popular in this industry. If you like them, we can send sample for you to make some test.