The Main Application of Aramid Fabric

- Feb 09, 2018-

1. Labor protection: Pre-furnace overalls, personnel protection for shipyard, metallurgy, gas, machinery factory, gas station/oil/gas field/mine, etc., and high temperature working environment or fire hazard working environment 


2. Power industry: Anti-arc clothing

3. Fire fighter industry: coverall, boots, bags and other consumer special equipment


4. Army: Combat clothing, flying suits, overcome and other high-performance army clothing

5. Environmental protection: can be used as filter material base fabric for chemical plants, thermal power plants, carbon black plants, cement plants, lime plants, coking plants, smelters, asphalt plants, paint factories, and arc furnaces, oil boilers, incinerators, high-temperature flue and hot air, can not only effectively dust, but also can resist the chemical erosion of harmful smoke, and also contribute to the recovery of precious metals;

6. Household: High-temperature retardant fabric for the kitchen, Self-extinguishing fabrics for children and the elderly, flame retardant home decorations, etc.

7. Other: Hotel flame retardant fabrics, escape routes, racing suits and so on.

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