The Importance Of Selecting High Quality Flame Retardant Fabrics

- Aug 30, 2018-

    Nowadays, the industrial production is very developed, the problem of workers ' safety protection becomes the focus of people's consideration. The disasters and losses that the fire brings to mankind every year cannot be calculated numerically, so it is necessary for workers to wear fire-retardant overalls with fire retardant function.

    Flame retardant protective clothing is one of the most widely used products in personal protective equipment, its protection principle is mainly to take insulation, reflection, absorption, flower isolation and other shielding role, to protect workers from open flames or heat source damage. The skin of the human body is very sensitive to hot and humid, therefore, in the industrial furnace, chemical, petroleum, machinery, construction, coal and fire protection industry, they should wear flame retardant protective clothing, slow the spread of flame, reduce heat transfer speed, and make its carbonization formation isolation layer, and protect the safety and health of workers.

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    The protection function for flame Retardant protective clothing, mainly depends on the fabric -flame retardant performance, the current flame-retardant fabrics are mainly divided into flame retardant fiber fabric, flame retardant treated fabric two categories.


    Flame retardant fabric directly determines the quality of flame retardant protective clothing, high-quality flame retardant fabrics can not only effectively flame retardant, but also to extend the service life of flame retardant protective clothing. Therefore, it is necessary to select high quality flame retardant fabrics.


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