The Function and application for para aramid fabric

- Aug 01, 2018-

1. Bullet proof

   Para aramid fabric is also called aramid 1414, it has high strength, high modulus, flame-retardant, high temperature, electrical insulation and other excellent functions, and it is called the world's three high-performance fibers along with carbon fiber, high-strength high-grade polyethylene fibers.

   In fact, para aramid fabric is widely used in our daily life. Para aramid looks like shiny metal thread, which is actually made of rigid long molecule liquid crystal state polymer, with unprecedented high-strength, high modulus and high temperature characteristics, has a theory of synthetic steel wire.

   The para aramid is 5-6 times of high quality steel on the strength, its toughness is twice times of steel, and weight is only 1/5 of steel. It is widely used in aerospace, safety protection, backbone equipment, transportation, structural strengthening, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

   When make the para aramid yarn into the fabric, a major use is to process bulletproof vests. A few layers of "thin plate" inside the bulletproof vest are made of aramid fabric, the aramid fiber can absorb and disperse the energy of the projectile's impact to other fibers of the woven fabric to avoid blunt injury.


2. Flame Retardant

   The clothing and gloves which are made from para aramid fiber are very wear resistant and cut resistant, also it is also corrosion resistant and flame retardant. If you ignite the para aramid gloves by lighter, there is almost no reaction, only a high temperature burning traces of carbon left. The temperature para aramid can stand is 560 ℃, even if it is on combustion, it will only be carbonization, will not decompose and melt, so it will not stick to skin.


3. Others applications

    A flat tire can cause serious traffic accidents in the high-speed road, and once applied to the para aramid technology, tires will not tire, and even if there is no pressure, the car can still run 200 kilometers till find rescue.

    And in future, the Para Aramid optical cable will be used widely in China.