The easy decontamination process of polyester and cotton fluorescent cloth

- Aug 14, 2017-

Polyester / polyester blended fabric in the polyester component is hydrophobic and lipophilic, so in the course of taking easy to contaminate the oil, in the case of dry easy to produce static electricity and adsorption of dust, and in the washing when the oil is not easy to wash, as well as And then stains. Through easy decontamination finishing, can improve the polyester / cotton blended fabric performance, improve product quality.

First, the process

 Original cloth → singeing → desizing → scouring → bleaching → mercerizing → shaping → dyeing → easy to defuse finishing → down machine

Second, pay attention to matters

1, the choice of dyes

Long car dyeing production of polyester-cotton blended fabric, the general use of dispersion / activity or dispersion / Shihlin dyeing process. As easy to defuse finishing after the need for high-temperature treatment, so disperse dye hot melt dyeing should try to use sublimation fastness good high temperature disperse dyes to ensure that the final product of the color fastness. For some of the more vivid colors, if you need to use low-temperature type of disperse dyes, in the easy decontamination finishing, should reduce the baking temperature, and to extend the baking time as compensation.

2, shade control

The control of shade is essential in the production of easily defaced fabrics. Due to the presence of easy decontamination additives, the absorption of light and reflect the ability to change, thereby affecting the fabric of the color light; the same time, due to the thermal transfer characteristics of disperse dyes in the fabric easy to defuse finishing process, the fabric color Will also change. Therefore, dyeing must be done when the whole process of proofing, easy to decontamination after the color of light as a benchmark, the development of staining standards.

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