The application for para aramid fiber

- Aug 20, 2018-

Labor protection: work clothes, shipyard, metallurgy, gas, machinery factory, gas station/oil/gas field/mine, etc. high temperature working environment or fire hazard working environment;

Electric power industry: anti-arc Clothing;

Fire: Fire Service, fire boots, fire bags and other consumer special equipment;

Army: Combat clothing, flying suits, overcome and other high-performance military clothing;

Environmental protection: can be used as chemical plant, thermal power plant, Carbon black factory, cement plant, lime plant, coking plant, smelting plant, asphalt factory, paint factory, as well as electric arc furnace, oil boiler, incinerator high temperature flue and hot air filtration material base cloth, can not only effectively dust, but also can resist the chemical erosion of harmful smoke, and also contribute to the recovery of precious metals;

Home: High temperature fabric for the kitchen, children old people with self-extinguishing fabrics, flame retardant home decorations, etc;

Other: Hotel flame retardant fabrics, escape routes, racing suits and so on.


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