Stab proof clothing

- May 23, 2018-

The stab proof clothing is made of super high-strength fiber fabric. It has the features of anti-knife cutting, anti-knife stab, wear-resistant, anti-sharp object scrathing and anti-theft function.  


1. Anti-knife cutting: The excellent performance of the special braided structure plus super high-strength fiber makes this garment have the function of anti-cutting.

2. Anti-knife chopping: High-strength fiber is woven with high density, using a special process to form a soft force group, which can prevent chopping.

3, Anti-knife stabbing: The stab-resistant ability is greater than 500 Newton.

4. Anti theft: The blade cannot cut the cut-proof layer. Tings inside of the clothes can be protected from being stolen.

5. High strength: the use of ultra-high strength fiber thread for double sewing, ensuring the joints at the cut-proof level uneasy to damage, uneasy to tear.

6. Large area: 0.7 to 1.2 square meters, protective area is greater than 4 pieces of soft stab-resistant clothing, stab-resistant vest.

7. Light weight: 0.65 kg, excellent maneuverability.

8. Thin thickness: does not affect the flexibility of the body, feels same as normal coat when wearing.


The cut-resistant clothing series includes police knife protection coats, police blade protection vests, student anti-knife clothing, anti-blade jackets, anti-cut windbreaker and other products.