Applications for Kevlar

- Dec 06, 2017-

Bullet Proof Vest/ Body Armor:

Kevlar, which replaces nylon and fiberglass, reduces the weight of the body armor by 50%. It can increase its protective force by at least twice times in the same area of mass for nylon and glass fiber. The bulletproof vests that made from Kevlar are only 2-3kg, also is comfortable and easy to operate. So Kevlar adopted by the armies of many countries around the world quickly.

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Cut Proof Glove:

By made from 65 grams 100% DuPont Kevlar thread, the glove has good cut and heat resistance. These gloves can be used in automotive manufacturing, handling of sharp metal and glass products.

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The back or shell of the mobile phone made from Kevlar, can ensure the toughness at the same time get a good feel. Become a super thin material leader in mobile phone area.


Kite String:

Kevlar brand Kite string appears to make the vast number of kite enthusiasts fondle admiringly, it is very strong and with good characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, cut resistance.

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Optical Fiber:

At present, the transmission optical fiber also use Kevlar to form a layer of protective film. Kevlar has good flexibility, so it can protect the optical fiber from damage.

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