Short Track Speed Skating Protective Equipment

- May 25, 2018-

    According to the rules, the short track speed skaters in the competition, must wear the following protective equipment: Short track speed skating safety helmet, cutting gloves or leather mittens, ankle protection made from cut-resistant durable materials, long-sleeved trousers, padded hard shell knee pads, protective neck for cervical arteries.

1. Cut resistant suit

   As there are frequent injury events in the competition, after years of observation, the ISU concluded that the high risk areas of short track speed skaters include neck, abdomen, axillary, hip, lower arm, hand, knee. Therefore, since July 1, 2003, the ISU had asked all athletes to wear cutting suits in order to protect their safety when they compete.

2. Helmet

3. Cut resistant neck and ankle protection

4. Shin guard

5. Cut resistant gloves

   The gloves of the short track speed skaters are mainly to prevent the cutting, and secondly, waterproof performance. So most gloves will use the cutting fabric and put a layer of glue on the inside of the palm, which will help the athlete avoid wetting the gloves while curve push-off.  The short track speed skating glove also has another characteristic, is the athlete's left hand five fingers will stick the resin or the gum finger buckle, the purpose is to help athletes reduce the friction of ice.