Reflective Fiber

- Nov 22, 2017-


Reflective fiber is one of the reflective material, the minimum specifications for reflective fiber can be 0.5mm, it is mainly used on the webbing, also can be interwoven with fabric.


Manufacturing principle for reflective fabric: Coat or laminate the high refractive index glass beads on the fabric surface, so that the ordinary fabric can reflect the light under the illumination.

Reflective fabric are mainly used on road traffic safety related products, and are widely used in reflective clothing, all kinds of professional clothing, overalls, fashion, shoes and hats, gloves, backpacks, personal protective supplies, outdoor supplies, etc.,it can also be made into all kinds of reflective products, jewelry.


As people pay more and more attention to outdoor safety, reflective fabric will be more widely used in people's daily life,the prospects for reflective fabric market are more optimistic.


In the field of apparel, although the amount of reflective cloth in the unit of product is not large, but clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other daily necessities has large quantity base, the replacement cycle is short, reflective fabric of the overall demand is still considerable, reflective cloth will do a good job in a wide range of outdoor safety.


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