Reflective cycling clothes

- Apr 25, 2018-

Reflective cycling clothing refers to the garments specially designed for cyclist. It is equipped with Lattice reflective tape and Glass microbeads reflective tape, thus to protect cyclist’s safety. According to statistics, traffic accidents in China are mostly occured at night, among which, 92% of cyclists’ harm caused by motor vehicles attribute to they didn’t wear night-vision equipment.

Function principle:

The reflective tape produced by reflective materials plays an obvious warning role with its bright colors during the day. At night or in poor lighting conditions, its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance people's recognition ability, see the target, and cause alarm. Because of the characteristics of reflective materials, reflective cycling clothing can effectively protect the safety of cyclists under the complicated and changeable traffic conditions.



In addition to the strong safety performance, the reflective cycling suit also has the advantages of various styles, easy and comfortable wearing, and reusability. There are many brands of reflective riding wear on the market, and the quality is uneven. It is very important to choose a good reflective riding outfit.

First of all, choose a professional quality guaranteed reflective cycling suit.

High-quality reflective riding suits use reflective materials that meet European and American certification standards. The visible distance exceeds 300 meters, which provides a significant safety warning and effectively prevents danger during riding.

Second, choose a comfortable, breathable, durable jersey.

With super dehumidification, breathability, quick-drying, anti-wear, elasticity and many other features, at the same time, the close-fitting design of the cycling suit can not only reduce wind resistance, but also allow riders to enjoy the pleasure of riding and reduce the friction between the body and the riding clothes to prevent skin abrasions.

Finally, choose a professional, fashionable jersey.

A good reflective cycling clothes is elaborately designed from style determination to color matching, making riding more comfortable and fashionable. In addition, reflective cycling clothes can be customized, printing reflective text, logos and team names is always workable.