Reasonable price to buy a safe and reasonable flame retardant cloth

- Aug 14, 2017-

Flame-retardant fabric from the performance can be divided into: one-time, durability and permanent distinction between the three.

Durable flame retardant fabrics and permanent flame retardant fabrics are mainly used for clothing, and disposable flame retardant fabrics used in decoration, curtains, cushions and so on. Permanent flame retardant curtains used in the flame retardant fiber weaving, no matter how many times the water, the flame retardant effect will never change. In particular, the use of flame-retardant yarn polypropylene (Polyacrylic, commonly known as acrylic), in case of fire that is crimping, carbonization, the fire source is off, no drop can not afford to smoke, will not produce a second fire.

It is a protective fabric, but according to its flame retardant properties can be divided into three kinds of flame retardant fabrics are disposable flame retardant cloth, durable flame retardant cloth and permanent flame retardant cloth, these three Flame retardant cloth in which the durability of the flame retardant cloth and permanent flame retardant cloth in the fire-retardant uniforms or fire-retardant fire-resistant headgear and some other products used in a little more, but a one-time use of the flame retardant cloth is relatively fixed, For example, now more popular flame retardant cloth wallpaper.

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