Puncture resistant clothing

- Aug 10, 2018-

Puncture resistant clothing is a kind of effective garment which can anti blade, knives and other cold weapons of the thorn, cut, cut attacks, and it is a comprehensive protection of the human body and viscera from being injured.

According to the different material it can be divided into the following three kinds of puncture resistant clothing:

1. Hard anti-puncture clothing, the material is stacked tower metal anti-barbed plate;

2. Soft 03 standard anti-puncture clothing, its material is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber felt;

3. Soft 08 Standard anti-puncture clothing, its material is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber composite sheet.


So what are the advantages of puncture resistant clothing?

(1) knife cutting: special braided structure plus ultra-high strength fiber excellent performance so that this garment has the function of anti-cutting;

(2) Anti-cutting: Ultra high strength fiber high density knitting, the use of special technology to form a soft force group, can prevent cutting injury

(3) Anti-stab: anti-stabbing ability greater than 500 Newton

(4) Anti-theft: blade can not cut off the cutting layer, clothing inside pocket items can prevent theft

(5) High strength: With ultra-high strength fiber line sewing, to ensure that the seam at the cutting level, not easily damaged, not easy to tear

(6) Large area: 0.7 to 1.2 square meters, protection area is greater than 4 pieces of soft anti-puncture clothing, anti-stab vest, anti-puncture clothing protection Area

(7) Light weight: 0.65 kg, excellent maneuverability

(8) Thickness is thin: does not affect the body flexibility, after putting on the coat with the normal clothing, the concealment is strong


We can according to different requirements and choose different stab-proof materials, and correct use, so as to protect their own safety!

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