PPSS Cut Resistant Clothing

- Jul 31, 2018-

British secret service should be a familiar profession for people all over the world, so a British high-tech company developed a new material, and produced a protective jacket called PPSS. The jacket is made from cut resistant fiber material Cut-tex®pro, which was developed by PPSS Group, and they creatively combine the ultra high molecular weight synthetic resin fiber (UHMWPE) with some special ultrahigh polymer materials, by using the special high density textile machines.


Regarding the cut resistant effect, please check below test results:

EN388:2003 blade cut resistant level 5 ( this is highest)

ISO13997:1999blade cut resistant level 5 ( this is highest)

ASTM F 1790-05blade cut resistant level 4

EN388:2003 abrasion resistant level 4 ( this is highest)
EN388:2003 tear resistant level 4 ( this is highest)


The blade used in the test are all SOG classic fighting knives (such as M37, SEAL2000). So if only cutted by normal fruit knife, it will not have hurt it at all, and also the Cut-Tex ®PRO can not only be blade cut resistant, but also can protect damage caused by all sharp objects, such as "broken glass", "broken wine bottle" and so on. And as the Cut-Tex® PRO material is also very tear resistant, it also have the functions such as bite proof and tear resistance, which can help to prevent the people from being bitten by human teeth, and this clothing is also used to protect the people from being hurt by bitten by the AIDS and accidents and a strong external force of tear when accident happen.