Polyester Reflective Yarn

- Aug 13, 2018-

Polyester reflective yarn can be sewn into clothing, backpacks, hats, socks, shoes, gloves, cloth, it has good reflective and strong warning effect, it is also waterproof and not easy to aging, can play a strong role in security warning, and provide people with the most effective and reliable security under the dark environment.


The safety protective articles which are made of reflective materials can produce strong reflective effect under the illumination of a certain light source, providing the most effective and reliable security for pedestrians or night workers in the dark. Reflective materials in the night, sight or visual adverse environment is the most effective, and can offer the most reliable personal security. This product has good anti-aging, abrasion resistance and wash resistance, can be washed in water, also can be industrial washed and dry cleaning.


Polyester reflective yarn plays a good security role whether in the daytime or night, especially in the dark night or poor visibility occasions, as long as there is a faint light, this reflective material can play an excellent reflective performance. High-warning safety clothing includes police, sanitation, fire, port, traffic, for road traffic safety, outdoor operations and related industries.


The advantages of polyester reflective yarn: reflective yarn is a kind of reflective material, has a good tensile resistance, reflective performance, excellent warning effect, durable washable, long service life, safety performance, quality stability, mainly used for reflective knitted clothing, all kinds of professional clothing, casual wear, sportswear, fashion, hats, gloves, backpacks, etc., can also produce various types of reflective products, jewelry and so on.



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