Performance for aramid apper

- Aug 07, 2018-

1. Strong mechanical properties: high tensile and tear strength, good abrasion resistance, elasticity and flexibility, reprocessed;

2. Excellent dielectric strength: non additional resin while can withstand short-term electrical stress of 1840 kV / mm;

3. Good high temperature performance: placed at 220℃for 10 years, the material can still maintain good mechanical and electrical properties;


4. Chemical stability: resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis and most solvents. It’s pest control and mildew resistance;

5. Can adapt to all paints, adhesives, transformer oil, lubricating oil, refrigerant (-196℃ tensile strength is higher than room temperature);

6. Insensitive to humid environment, strong radiation resistance (8 times of 800MEGARADS ion radiation, it still maintain the mechanical strength and dielectric strength);


7. Non-toxic when it’s flame retardant and pyrolysis.


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