PBO Fiber

- Feb 27, 2018-

       PBO Fiber: Poly-p-phenylene benzobisoxazole is the reinforced materials for composite usage, which is developed by the United States in order to develop aerospace industry in the 1980s, it is one of the most promising members of the polyamide family containing heterocyclic aromatic families, known as the 21st century super fiber.


The heat-resistant temperature of the PBO fiber reaches 600 ℃, the limit Oxygen Index 68, does not burn, does not shrink in the flame, the heat resistance and the flammability are higher than any other organic fiber. And it is mainly used in heat-resistant industrial textiles and fiber reinforced materials. The strength, modulus, heat resistance and flame resistance of PBO fiber, especially the strength of PBO fiber not only exceed the steel fiber, but also above the carbon fiber. In addition, the PBO fiber impact resistance, friction resistance and dimensional stability are excellent, and light and soft, is an ideal textile raw materials.


  PBO fiber has excellent physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties, its strength, modulus is twice times of Kevlar fiber and it also has heat-retardant performance of meta aramid, and its physical and chemical properties are much higher than the Kevlar fiber. A 1 mm diameter PBO filament can hoist 450 kilograms of the weight, its strength is more than 10 times times of steel fiber.


  PBO fiber can be used for fire fighting clothing, furnace overalls, welding overalls, heat-resistant overalls for the on-site use of molten metal, protective clothing for cuts, safety gloves and safety shoes, racing suits, rider suits, all kinds of sportswear and athletic sports equipment, pilot suits, anti-cutting equipment, etc.