Para-aramid in Bulletproof Field

- Dec 20, 2017-

  As the world's anti-terrorism situation is grim and people are more aware of their own security precautions, especially after the "911" terrorist attacks, the importance of individual protection has become increasingly prominent. In recent years, individual protection technology has developed rapidly, individual protective materials and protective equipment market is hotter. Individual protection mainly refers to bulletproof, explosion proof, stab proof, fire proof, such as bulletproof helmet, body armor, protective clothing and so on.


  Aramid Fiber has the best comprehensive performance, with the advantages of light weight, high modulus, high-temperature, toughness, impact resistance and so on, it has obvious advantage in bullet-proof application, and it is the preferred material for individual protective equipment. At present, a number of national troops, police and firefighters have been equipped with the para-aramid bulletproof products. The applications of aramid in bulletproof field are mainly bulletproof helmet, bulletproof vest, compound armor and so on.




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