Labor protective clothing

- Jan 17, 2018-

Labor protective clothing refers to clothing that can protect the wearer from the existence of certain hazardous materials, dangerous elements, dangerous events and dangerous processes in the living or working place.


The protective clothing according to its use and the protective performance also divides into the general protective clothing and the special protective clothing two big class.


General protective clothing refers to the clothing that can prevent the general minor injury and dirty when wearing or can reflect the corporate image. In China it is customary to call a smock or a professional outfit (logo suit).


Special protective clothing is used to protect workplaces, products or environments, from human pollution and harm of clothing and to protect workers from harm or harm, have some protective function of clothing. According to the protective function, special protective clothing can be divided into: 1, flame-retardant clothing; 2. Acid and alkali chemical protective clothing 3, anti-static clothing 4, welding protective clothing 5, oil-proof clothing, 6, waterproof clothing, 7, live work shielding clothing, 8, X-ray protective clothing, 9, microwave radiation protective clothing, 10, forest fire protection clothing.


Protective clothing in both international and domestic has a wide range of markets.