Labor Protective Articles

- Jan 16, 2018-

Labor protective articles are personal protective articles which are equipped by the production and operation units for the employees to avoid or mitigate the accident injury and occupational hazards during the labor process. It is divided into special labor protective supplies and general labor protection supplies.

Labor protective articles specifically include the following:

1. The head protector: safety Helmet


2. Breathing protective device: Dustproof respirator mask filters, self-contained air respirator, long tube mask


3. Eye (face) protective: gear welding protection for eyes and face,  anti-impact protector for eyes


4.  Protective clothing: fire retardant protective clothing, acid proof overalls, anti-static clothing

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5. Protective footwear: toes protecting shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, anti-puncture shoes, rubber surface anti-smashing safety boots, electric insulation shoes, acid alkali shoes, acid alkali boots, acid and alkali resistant plastic molded boots


6. Fall-proof protector: safety belt, net, dense-mesh safety net


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