Knowledge of Racing Suit

- Jan 11, 2018-

As we all know, racing is a very risky sport. Early in the development of the car, in addition to conventional fire fighting, people can not be effective to use other ways to deal with the fuel leakage of motor cars to cause the driver was burned and even killed the tragedy.


Before 1975, people were not fully aware that the driver's uniforms would be directly related to their lives, after 1975,  not only all car uniforms were replaced with fire resistant materials, bu also each design details will be related to the driver's life safety.


But it's hard to see the fire spreading in today's F1,  this is not only because the car's own fire-fighting measures are more efficient, and also the racing suits can insulate the driver from the flames. Even a very serious fire accident, the trapped personnel can wait until the staff came to put out the fire.


timg (3).jpg


Up to today, all the FIA's precautions have been perfected, with the standard of driver's clothing and the stitching of the racing suit improved, and even the banner to ensure that the driver must have 12 seconds to stand the flame on 700 ℃.