Knowledge of Polyimide Fiber

- Aug 02, 2018-

Polyimide Fiber has good spinnability, can be made into various kinds of textiles which can be used in special occasions.


Because of its good characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, no molten droplets, the flame will die out as soon as the fabric leaves the fire, and the excellent temperature insulation, polyimide fiber insulation protective clothing is comfortable wearing, good skin adaptability, permanent flame retardant, and dimensional stability, safety, long service life, compared with other fibers, due to the low thermal conductivity of the material itself, it is also an excellent temperature insulation materials.

It can be made into protective garment, such as labor protective clothing, China's metallurgical Department of the annual need about 50,000 sets of this clothing, water and electricity industry, nuclear industry, geology, petrochemical, oil and other departments of the annual needs of 300,000 sets of protective clothing, the annual need for high temperature flame-retardant special protection to take fiber 300t.


The non-woven fabric made from polyimide fiber, is the  the most ideal fiber material to produce armored units of protective clothing, car-proof clothing, flight suits and other fire-retardant clothing. This nano-fiber non woven fabric can also be used to create comfortable and warm functional clothing, such as military clothing, medical hygiene clothing, the elimination of bad smell of casual wear, biochemical weapons, special clothing, medical health protective clothing, high effective smoke protection masks.

We also have the fire proof fabric that made from PI fiber, it is PI-5530, knitted, and weight is 530G/SQM.  



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