Knowledge of Fire Proximity Suit

- Dec 28, 2017-

Fire proximity suit also known as fire insulation clothing, insulation protective clothing. Fire proximity suit is one of the special protective equipment for firefighters when firefighters enter the fire and rescue people. Fire proximity suit is composed of the cover, tops, trousers, boots, gloves and other protective components.

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Fire proximity suit has good flame resistance, heat insulation performance, and has the advantages of light weight, good softness and so on. The clothing can not only be applied to fire fighting and rescuing, but also can be applied in the glass, cement, ceramics and other industries in the high temperature. It has a wide range of uses, with significant social benefits.

Fire-retardant insulation protective clothing is mainly divided into two major categories: One is for metallurgy, steel, welding and other industries, and the another is for fire fighting, forest fire fighting.

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