Introduction of fabric for fencing suits

- Aug 23, 2018-

The fencing suit has a protective effect and is made of a sturdy puncture resistant fabric. It can withstand an impact of 80 kilograms and is strong enough to withstand the thrust of the sword. Athletes also wear protective underwear, and women wear a chest protector made of metal or other hard materials. Short-sword pants must be long enough, at least below the knees, and they are tightly fixed, and they must wear a pair of stockings.


Jiaxing Fuliong Textile Technology Co., LTD. is the manufacturer of puncture and cut resistant fabric for making fencing suits.



Jiaxing Fuliong Textile Technology Co., LTD. is a professional textile company, specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing special functional textile materials. With the help of advanced design methods and concept introduced from abroad and capitalizing upon years of research and application in the high tech raw materials field, Fuliong has manufactured and marketed a wide range of series of personal and industrial protection fabrics and products with excellent quality.