How to Choose Anti-radiation Maternity Wear

- Apr 18, 2018-

Anti-radiation maternity wear is more and more common now, but with the continuous updating of science and technology, the production of radiation-proof clothing maternity wear materials are constantly upgrading. However, it is the key factor to control the technical content of radiation-proof clothing, and it is also the direct factor to determine its product value and protection ability. What are the materials that the pregnant woman is equipped with? What kind of radiation protective clothing is good for pregnant women?


Coating fabric shielding effect is good, but is hard, not breathable, can not be washed. Its biggest disadvantage is plating on the surface containing mercury, lead, Luo and other harmful ingredients of the human body metal, the metal is easy to fall off the surface into a powder-like, if it inhaled by a pregnant woman, it will affect the health of the fetus. Also, the shielding effect time is short, unless not wear, once it worn on the body, no matter you how to maintain,it will still lose the effect of electromagnetic radiation in a very short period of time.


Metal fiber fabric, this radiation-proof pregnant woman suit is fitted with a better touch feeling and breathability, and can be gently washed. Disadvantage: The wire is easy to break and affects the shielding effect. Because it is included metal fiber, mostly use the stainless steel fiber, which is not suitable for pregnant womens sensitive belly (may cause belly allergy).


Silver Fiber material, is very comfortable, strong protective ability, thin, washable, with good radiation and washable performance, so it has become the relative mainstream of radiation-proof clothing maternity products at present.