High temperature flame retardant fabric

- Aug 14, 2017-

Is a special production technology finishing can not only effectively prevent the flame burning and spreading, but also to protect the original performance of the fabric of a functional products. Fire cloth as a special industry, special types of protective fabrics, roughly divided into silicone rubber coating Glass fiber cloth, basalt fiber fire cloth, acrylic cotton fiber fire cloth, Nomex fire cloth, SM fire cloth, blue glass fiber fire cloth, aluminum foil fire cloth.

Generally speaking, high temperature flame retardant fabric can be high temperature flame retardant cloth, that is, flame retardant burning fabric, flame retardant high flame retardant cloth can be called fire cloth. High temperature flame retardant fabric can be made Into the curtains, carpets, tablecloths, etc. for ordinary people at home, this special material of flame-retardant fabric into the daily life of consumers, for people to bring more protection.

High temperature resistance, direct contact with the fire, low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, good electrical insulation properties, low heat shrinkage, non-asbestos products, no pollution, machinable, good performance and so on.

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