High-silica fire resisitant fabric

- Jul 03, 2018-

High-silica fabric is a kind of special crystal fiber fabric with heat-resistant, soft performance. Its content of SiO2 is more than 96%. The product has excellent heat resistance, can be used under 1000℃ for a long time, and the instantaneous heat resistant temperature can reach at 1400℃.


The high-silica fabric fire-resistant fiber is a kind of high-temperature resistant inorganic fiber. The softening point is close to 1700℃. When used at 900℃ for a long time, or works at 1450℃ for 10 minutes, even works at 1600℃ for 15 seconds, it is still in good condition. High-silica fire-retardant fiber cloth has the characteristics of high strength, easy processing, and wide application. It is used as a material for high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, heat insulation and heat perservation. 

The main purpose:

  • High temperature, heat insulation, heat preservation, sealing material

  • High temperature ablation material

  • Fireproof materials (Fireproof clothing, fire curtains, fire extinguishing blankets, etc.)

  • Metal melt filtration purification 

  • Silencer, heat insulation and exhaust gas filtration of automobiles and motorcycles

  • Welding insulation protection material

  • Insulating material