glass fiber cloth

- May 02, 2018-

Glass fiber cloth is divided into high alkali cloth, alkali cloth, non-alkali cloth, based on the level of alkali content. The lower the alkali content, the better the folding and tensile resistance. These types of cloths can be differentiated according to the electrical conductivity.

The high alkali fabric is a conductor and can be used as a wire. The alkali fabric is a semiconductor, and the alkali-free fabric is an insulator. The current signal transmission fiber is fiberglass transmission, which belongs to high alkali cloth. Currently, the medium alkali cloth is suitable for magnesia cement building materials, and non-alkali cloth is suitable for circuit board and electronic grade.




Fiberglass cloth is also commonly known as fiberglass geotextiles, which is widely used in civil engineering. It is mainly composed of geosynthetic material made of glass fiber and staple fiber needled non-woven fabric. Fiberglass cloth is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance.



Based on usage, glass fiber cloth is classified as: wajibu, FRP base fabric, thermal insulation base fabric, fireproof base fabric, greenhouse base fabric, external wall insulation mesh, interior wall mesh, sealing tape, gum mesh fabric. Based on the thickness, it’s classified into 01 018 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 fiberglass cloth.



1. It has a good covering function, applicable to all kinds of surfaces, effectively covers the defects of the old and new wall surface, to ensure the uniformity of the color and the surface structure.

2. It has strong tensile strength, effectively prevent cracking of the wall, have a reinforcement effect on the wall. With high-quality coatings, the surface does not accumulate static electricity, does not produce dead spots, and is easy to clean. Strict surface sizing treatment makes the wall cloth clean, moisture-proof and mold-proof, and can prevent the growth of microorganisms or parasites. It is also a kind of reinforcing material.

3. The open space of the organizational structure is conducive to the natural diffusion of water vapor and the regulation of indoor climate.

4. The non-smooth fabric surface can reduce noise.

5. Repeatability is good, it’s effortless, easy construction, environmental protection, safe. The  decorative effect is excellent and the texture is rich.

6. In the projects of roads, water conservancy, environmental protection, it plays the role of reinforcing, draining.