Glass Fiber Aluminized Fabric

- Aug 17, 2018-

Main Characteristics:

1. Corrosion resistance is greatly improved: the surface of glass fiber aluminized fabric is treated by special anti corrosion coating, and the corrosion resistance is improved greatly. At the same time, the use of polyethylene hot air paste legal, no need to use composite adhesives, avoid hidden danger for the adhesive residue in the process of moisture or solvents caused by corrosion mildew on the surface of aluminum foil.

2. Direct hot-pressing compound, eliminates the compound adhesive, saves the veneer compound cost.

3. The water vapor permeability is smaller, and strengthened the water vapor barrier effect: The glass fiber aluminized fabric Intermediate hot seal polyethylene layer is thicker than the general veneer, the water vapor permeability is smaller, therefore the water vapor barrier effect is better, the reliable protection glass wool and so on insulation material.

4. Better tensile strength, reduces the chance of surface damage on aluminum foil: glass fiber aluminized fabric is more reinforced, more suitable for the glass cotton factory, rock wool factory, mineral wool factory in online fitting.

5. Veneer is more flat, reduce the aluminum foil surface damage probability:  due to the fine cloth, thick polyethylene layer, more flat veneer, the aluminum foil surface is not easy to be damaged by friction, so as to better serve the water vapor barrier function. 

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