Four EN388 Standard Test Performance For Labor Gloves

- Jan 15, 2018-


There are four EN388 standard test for labor gloves.

1. Abrasion resistance: Performance of repeated friction of glove material. The test is based on the number of cycles of repeated friction under certain conditions.


2. Cut resistance: Anti-cutting performance of glove material. The test is based on the number of times the glove material is resistant to cutting.


3. Tear resistance: The firmness of the glove is expressed by the amount of force required to tear the slit in the glove material.


4. Puncture resistance: The test shows how much force it will take to pierce a glove's palm with a calibrated long nail.


The higher the level is, the better the protection for the glove, and it should be noted that all tests are performed under controlled laboratory conditions, and these levels are only for reference.

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