Flame Retardant Knitted Fabric

- Aug 15, 2018-

Flame retardant knitted fabric is very popular in the textile industry, many enterprises often use it in the manufacture of various kinds of daily necessities and protective suits, so it also brings a lot of changes and fun to our life.

Literally we can think of flame retardant knitted fabrics is a kind of fabric that can be used to prevent flames from burning. Even if it is lit by the open flame, it can automatically extinguish  within some seconds if leaving the flame. In accordance with the order in which the flame retardant materials are added, this knitted fabric product can be divided into former treatment flame retardant knitted fabrics and later treated flame retardant knitted fabrics.


Flame retardant knitted fabrics can be kept for a long time it can withstand washing in the water more than 50 times, this ability to burn and inhibit the burning of the fabric can be very effective to prevent the flame spread on the fabric and at the same time maintain the fabric of the original performance.


Flame retardant protective clothing made from flame-retardant knitted fabrics can withstand many times of washing does not affect the flame-retardant performance of clothing, flame retardant knitted fabrics produced by the fabric is not poisonous,  also no stimulation to human body.

Some flame retardant knitted fabrics have soft, hygroscopic, breathable characteristics, and because of their good elasticity, excellent ductility and its productivity, they are often used by enterprises in a variety of daily necessities and special circumstances of the production of products.