Cut Resistant Protective Clothing

- Mar 08, 2018-

Security has become a topic of increasing concern to people. When people are out of home, the most important thing is to pay attention to their safety and health. However, accidents always happen inadvertently. In foreign countries, be stolen or even cut by the blade and other serious injury accidents will always occur, go out to travel, vacation, work, visit relatives and friends ... How to protect our own security better?

cut resistant  Long sleeve T shirt.jpg

In foreign countries, a special protective clothing has been popular for a long time. This protective clothing is a "milestone" protection products, its birth ended the "traditional protective clothing" bulky, stiff, can not wear at all times, can not be the whole body protection history. The protective clothing is an innovative combination of ultra-high molecular weight synthetic resin fiber (UHMWPE) and some special (commercial confidential) ultra-high polymer materials, using a special high density textile machine manufacturing. Its fabric is in the gray, feel like ordinary clothing soft and comfortable, light breathable, both perspiration, speed and other characteristics. Our company produces the supply of polymer polyethylene fiber cloth is the main material of this security guard clothing, mainly have flowers gray, black gray, red, blue, white, red stripes and other colors can be selected. Diverse colors, rich choice.

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Our company produces the supply of cutting cloth for the use of a very wide range, and the general public is closely related to the main cutting anti-theft backpack, security guard clothing, protective gloves, pet protective clothing and so on. Recently, the material has been used in the manufacture of cut-resistant seats for public transport, cutting travel packs and cut-resistant luggage, as well as animal protective clothing. Companies around the world are conducting various tests to find more uses. Our company will also actively develop and explore more features of the new material.