Customers have a common mistake about cut resistant fabric

- Jul 02, 2018-

F&L safety and protection textile one of the white hair in high-tech fabric business in China,  cut resistant fabric is one of our core competencies. 

We always have customer asked this question: " I'm looking for the perfect material, which makes it as hard as possible for a thief to open a bag with any knife. "

But we want to explain what is cut resistant fabric, many people may misunderstand it, and think it can't be cut by all knives, but this is wrong.


As what we offer is the fabric, not metal or other material, fabric can not be 100% cut proof, this is often a question that many customers get confused with when buying the cut resistant fabric, most cut resistant fabric is not 100% cut proof, even the highest level. Our cut resistant fabric are designed to reduce the amount of damage the bag, and extend the time for thief to open the fabric.  They will reduce the impact and damage done from a knife, and offer a very good level of protection.  


So please be noted about this. If the fabric can't be 100% cut resistant, how can you make it into finished products?


And we will offer test report for your information when we recommendation suitable items for you.