Comparison of reflective material with other materials

- Aug 14, 2017-

In order to avoid accidents, in the case of night or lack of light to protect, we usually use reflective material. Reflective materials began to be applied in early 80s, to today, already has a vast market. In the traffic signs, road traffic safety facilities, vehicle identification, signs have a wide range of applications. So what is the difference between reflective material and other different materials?

Compared with the traditional reflective material, the general advertising grade reflective material does not have the required tensile properties of advertising, only with other support such as PC version, through the paste in the support above the use. And our reflective inkjet material surface layer can be painted high-face reflective material, ink absorption, as long as the general can be the solvent ink can be inkjet.

Compared with the ordinary light box inkjet cloth, reflective inkjet cloth day and ordinary inkjet cloth, but its night can be reflected through the past vehicles to light, to achieve high-intensity, long-range visible effect, so that advertising in the day and night with the same Ad Performance. Ordinary light box inkjet cloth has a unique reflective performance, at night without the need for built-in light source or external light source of the situation, by reflecting the light emitted by the vehicle itself can be achieved and built-in light source or external light source visible effect.

Compared to auxiliary light advertising, auxiliary light sources require light source facilities and daily power consumption, and the cost of maintenance is much greater than the cost of using reflective inkjet advertising. Reflective inkjet materials do not need other auxiliary light source so he can achieve the visible effect at the same time does not consume energy, more than the light advertising advertising more environmentally friendly.

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