Coconut Fabric

- Dec 06, 2018-

“Coconut Fabric” 37.5°C technology is a patented technology for vaporizing moisture by body heat. Developed by Cocona, USA, who specializes in the development of fabric and apparel performance and comfort technology.

Coconut Fabric


1. Help close "microenvironment" to achieve the most comfortable temperature, humidity range, so as to improve comfort and movement performance.

2. The quick-drying effect is 5 times times that of the same kind of fabric.

3. The fabric itself originates from natural materials, unlike petroleum-derived materials, which are free from chemical interference and have no irritation to the skin.

4. The active material in the fabric is implanted at the "fiber level" and the performance does not decay with the number of washes. 

Coconut Fabric


Coconut fabric can be used as a sports clothing materials, after wearing so that the body excreted the sweat quickly evaporated. After cleaning and drying, this kind of sportswear can always maintain its original characteristics. Coconut fiber can also be used as sportswear, underwear, readymade garments, bed linen, covers, socks, pillows, quilts filler, it can become insulation fiber, or as the inner layer of clothing, can absorb the human body emitted out of the odor, and break down the harmful substances in the air, with deodorization effect.

Coconut FabricCoconut Fabric