Coated fabric

- Jul 26, 2018-

Coated fabric is mainly refers to the fabric based on the use of special technology coating a layer with special features of the material, so that the fabric added a special function. So also called functional coating fabric. According to the different coating materials, there are PVC coating, PU coating and half PU coating three categories.

Coated fabric are widely used in sportswear, down jacket rain-proof clothing, coats, tents, footwear, curtains, bags and advanced waterproof and breathable function of ski shirts, mountaineering suits, windbreaker and so on.

      Coated fabric can also be applied to national defense, navigation, fishing, offshore wells, transportation and other fields, it also has many other functions such as windproof, waterproof, breathable etc.


Product Performance

1, It improved the traditional coating material surface characteristics, with excellent anti-pollution ability, to maintain a long-term clean;

2, It has excellent weather resistance, prolong the service life;

3, It enhances the ability to resist chemical corrosion;

4, It is with anti-ultraviolet, antioxidant properties;

5, It is flame retardant, fire safety;

6,It has excellent tensile resistance, tearing resistance, stripping characteristics.