Characteristics of Flame-retardant fiber

- Aug 29, 2018-

Flame-retardant fiber refers to the fiber that only smolders in the flame, does not burn itself, when leaves the flame, it will extinguish itself. It is widely used in clothing, home, decoration, non-woven fabrics and fillers.


Product Features

1. Good security. The fiber does not melt when it is in a fire, and the low smoke does not release the poison gas.

2. Permanent flame retardant effect. Washing, rubbing, etc. do not affect the flame retardant properties.

3. Environmental protection. With natural cellulose fiber as the carrier, the waste can be naturally degraded and meets environmental protection requirements.

4. Excellent permanent flame retardant fire performance. It has good performance in preventing flame spread, smoke release, anti-melting and durability.

5. Good thermal insulation and anti-static properties. Provides a full range of thermal protection.

6. With natural fiber properties. The fabric has the moisture absorption and desorption properties of natural fibers, and the fabric has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, comfort, breathability and bright dyeing.

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