Ceramic Fireproof Fabric

- Aug 03, 2018-


A. Long-term working temperature: 1000 ℃ Maximum Fire resistance temperature: 1300 ℃;

B. High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, resistance to shock, heat tolerance;

C. Excellent high temperature insulation performance, long service life of tensile strength;

D. Anti-contact aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metal etching;

E. With good strength at low or high temperature;

F. non-toxic, harmless, no adverse effects on the environment;

G. Convenient in construction and installation.



(1) Fireproof decoration of building materials and fire protection partition lining;

(2) Heat insulation for all kinds of kiln, high-temperature pipes and containers;

(3) Door, valve, flange seals, fire doors and Fire shutter materials, high-temperature furnace curtain;

(4) Heat insulation for automobile exhaust pipe and engine and instrument;

(5) Protection against sparks in front of electric welding and steel making furnace, safety protection of steel water splash;

(6) Fireproof cable cladding material, high temperature fireproof material;

(7) Heat insulation cover with cloth, high temperature expansion seam filler, flue liner;

(8) High-temperature labor protection products, fire suits, high-temperature filtration, sound absorption and other alternative asbestos application fields.


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