Brief Analysis Of Application Scope Of ​Fireproof Silicone Coating Fabric

- Jul 24, 2018-

Fireproof silicone coating fabric can prevent flame from spreading, especially can be used for important parts of a cable that is often replaced.

It can effectively prevent the fire spreading along the cable, and avoid the loss of life and property to a large extent.

At normal temperature, this fabric has good ventilation and air permeability, acid and alkali resistance, water, oil, light weight, easy to use and other characteristics. It will meet the fire rapidly expansion carbonization formation with a certain thickness and strength of the barrier, and in the expansion of carbonization process to absorb heat, release not gas, to achieve fire resistance, heat insulation, smoke isolation purposes, is the power cable facilities fire, flame-retardant ideal products.

Fireproof silicone coating fabric is suitable for power, telecommunication, postal, chemical, mining, enterprise, construction, cable, tubing, duct, trachea, metal pipe, etc. through the wall or through the barrier formed by the Hollow Block.

Fireproof Silicone Coating Fabric