Aramid Flame Retardant Fiber

- Aug 23, 2018-

Aramid Fiber was born in the late 1960s, the full name is "aromatic polyamide fiber." The FTC named it "Aramid Fibers" in 1974. Aramid 1313 fiber made of flame-retardant fabrics the biggest characteristic is good thermal stability, can withstand the high temperature of 200-300 ℃, will not burn in the air, no molten droplets, no smoke, with the self-extinguishing. In the sudden encounter 900-1500 ℃ strong temperature, aramid fabric will quickly carbonation and thickening, forming a unique insulation barrier, can protect the wearer to escape effectively.


Aramid Flame retardant fabric is a kind of flame retardant fabric made of permanent flame-retardant fiber, its flame retardancy is built on the intrinsic characteristics of the internal molecular structure, will not be reduced by repeated washing, and non-toxic harmless.

Flame retardant fabric is the service of the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, forestry, power sector of the labor workers. To provide them with functional protective clothing fabrics.


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