Aramid Fire Retardant Thread

- Jan 30, 2018-

Aramid fire retardant thread is also known as flame retardant thread, aramid fire retardant thread mainly made from the raw materials from Korea or the United States DuPont. This aramid fire-resistant thread is one of the most conventional and widely used fire-resistant thread in the market. Of course, Aramid Aramid Fire retardant thread is the advantage of high temperature 350 degrees, carbonation point is 520 degrees, and wear-resistant, good tensile strength, flame-retardant effect.



Aramid Fire retardant thread divided into two categories.

1. Aramid: 1414: It is the first high-performance fiber that has value and is still in mass production and usage now. Its continuous use temperature range is extremely wide, in-196 ℃ to 204 ℃, it can be long-term normal operation. Under 150 ℃ shrinkage rate of 0, at 560 ℃ at high temperature does not decompose without melting, heat resistance is better than Aramid 1313, and has good insulation and anti-corrosion, life cycle is very long, thus winning the "synthetic steel wire" reputation. It is suitable for aerospace. Aramid Fiber resin matrix reinforced composites are used as structural materials for aerospace, rocket and aircraft, which can reduce the weight, increase the effective load and save a lot of power fuel.

2. Aramid 1313: Aramid 1313 is formed by polycondensation of resorcinol and then by solution spinning. Application: It is mainly used to prevent atomic radiation, high-altitude high-speed flight materials. It can also be used for special requirements of tyre window lines. Mainly used for radiation material, aerospace fabrics, but also for the production of high-temperature clothing, honeycomb parts, high-temperature line tube, aircraft fuel tank, firewall, reverse osmosis membrane or hollow fiber.