Aramid 1414

- Nov 14, 2017-


  Aramid 1414 is the world's largest production scale organic fiber, it has high modulus, high strength, high temperature, anti- acid, alkali proof, light weight and other excellent properties.


  Its specific strength is 5 to 6 times higher than steel wire, and specific modulus is 2 to 3 times higher than steel or fiberglass, twice as toughness as steel, while its weight is only 1/5 of the steel.


  Aramid 1414 can be widely used in national defense, aerospace, information industry, bulletproof clothing, sealing filler and other fields, has the reputation of "synthetic steel wire". And Aramid 1414 is mainly used in the parts manufacturing of aircraft, as well as military industry, the outsourcing of fiber optic cable, bulletproof vest, etc.

  It is an indispensable new material in national economic construction and national defense construction, and also, its staple fiber can be used as reinforcement material to produce high-strength aramid paper. Aramid pulp is the preferred material for staple fiber asbestos, which can be widely used as filler and abrasion resistant material.


  Aramid 1414 is a basic material for the development of national High-tech industry, national defense and national economic construction indispensable materials, is a very important strategic material.


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